I just spoke to a person who sent a contact form on the site. He was contacting me to look for a lawyer for an accident case. He said that he spent a lot of time looking online, and that Callaway & Wolf was listed on some “top ten” lists, and was highly rated. He also liked the site a lot. He also seemed to like that the site addressed MTBI. This was a very impressive demonstration of the results you’re getting, Melissa, and it’s much appreciated.”

Boone Callaway
Managing Partner, Callaway & Wolf

 One of our large clients was looking to revamp one of their sites. We brought Melissa on board to help us with the content, navigation, structure (architecture) and SEO. She worked with our internal team as well as our client’s internal team on the strategy, content, roll-out and execution. The client was very happy with the results…as were we. Melissa is focused and detail oriented and yet able to see the larger picture, which is a great (and rare) talent to have. She’s also obviously very well-versed and comfortable in the her field. Recommended!”

Shirin Etessam
Principal, Slay Agency

 We couldn’t be any happier with the engagement we had with Meaningful SEO. Melisa and her team were amazing to work with, patient and understanding of our core culture and needs. I highly recommend Melissa for anyone looking for writing, rebranding or SEO services.”

Brian Palakow
VP, Laboratorio Elettrofisico

 Melissa has worked with my firm on the Kerr & Wagstaffe group of websites (10 websites in total counting all their blogs). The firm has several heavily involved partners that we successfully work with through their marketing coordinator. She has been a tremendous help in strategically thinking through and explaining all of the options to the client. Here are a few: raising local search results, branding the firm more for the web, coming up under search engine terms relating to their practice areas, attorney names and big cases.

She was instrumental in cleaning up some black hat SEO practices another SEO firm used, as well as getting them more search engine placements to push down a fraudulent blogger attacking one of the partners. Melissa has a solution for every problem, it is a delight to work with her ‘can do attitude.’ This is just one of four clients who all have multiple websites that Melissa consults with us.

Virginia Chatham
Founder & creative director, BB Creative San Francisco

 I would recommend Melissa as a professional and diligent writer, who is a joy to work with. Melissa has completed approx. 53 projects for Milestone in the past year (approx. 52 websites running 20+ pages), and she has learned very quickly the fundamentals of the SEO industry. Her level of professionalism and the quality of her writing makes her extremely valuable to our Content Team.

Natalie J. Evans
Milestone Internet Marketing

 It’s been great, I noticed a lot more new people and increased traffic to our site almost immediately. I look at the numbers, and we know that the surge in organic traffic is the direct result of the SEO strategy Melissa implemented and not from our PR or advertising. Having also ran AdWords campaigns in the past, we know that it would cost us about $13,000 a month to purchase the same amount of traffic. The actual sales we make from that traffic is even more valuable. In terms of straight return on investment, her services are the best marketing money we’ve spent so far.

Jacek Kozubek
Partner, H.Q. Milton

 Collaborative in spirit and open in her approach to working with designers, Melissa’s wealth of experience and knowledge were a huge asset to every project we worked on together at MTV Networks. Her diplomacy and ability to combine multiple viewpoints into a unified solution was key to our team’s success. She never missed a deadline, was incredibly easy to work with, and always delivered top-notch work.

Heather McEvilly
Art Director

 Highly entrepreneurial and engaging, I worked with Melissa at MTV Networks, and since that time she’s become a trusted freelancer at my own company. Over the years, I have known her to generate creative ideas and possess the solid analytical problem solving skills to tackle any project or assignment. She can go from big-picture concepting and branding to tight copy in a blink. From print to interactive Web content and scripted promos, her writing is inventive, witty and direct. She can also write from different points of view, giving her work a dimensionality that makes her extra valuable as a freelancer because you know you’re not going to only get one approach when you hire her. She also knows that in today’s changing media landscape, ideas need to work everywhere. She knows how to concept and write ideas that are campaign-oriented, stretching across all content platforms — web, mobile, on air, print, etc., giving her work a comprehensive quality that few freelancers achieve.

Louis Venezia
Owner, Pilot NYC

 Melissa is one of my top writers. She has a long history of displaying high quality web content that produces great results on the search engines. She understands the balance of writing for the algorithm and writing for the human user. I have been entrusting Melissa with countless projects over the years, and she has consistently and undeniably proven herself to be one of the greatest assets on my team. I strongly recommend Melissa.

Nelson Toriano
Milestone Internet Marketing