Mission accomplished: New responsive site and blog ranks captures valuable first-page rankings for legal keywords.

Boutique San Francisco law firm Callaway & Wolf had three separate website properties when we began working together. As was typical in the good ole days of SEO, they had been advised to set up separate sites. Then link back and forth to their own sites. Essentially, the process created their own min-link farm — and almost no keyword rankings in Google. They were paying a considerable monthly hosting fee for their websites to Justia. They wanted to migrate their website and blog properties off Justia.

In the process, we accomplished their goal to get off Justia and to stop paying high monthly fees for what amounted to hosting.

Before, they had no significant rankings and the firm was unhappy with the quality of the website content. We brought all of the website content under one domain, www.CallawayandWolf.com, to consolidate rankings. The mirror sites were redirected, and they were no longer in violation of Google policy. A new custom website was designed and built to the highest SEO specifications. The result: first-ever rankings for a wide range of keywords related to the firm’s area’s of practice and a website the firm is proud to call their own.

Callaway & Wolf now ranks on the first page of Google for all of these keywords: 

 “Bike accident lawyer”

 “Malpractice attorney”

“Medical attorney”

“Medical lawyers”

“Motorcycle accident lawyer san francisco”

“Uninsured motorist injury attorney”

“Personal injury medical malpractice”

 “Pharmacy malpractice lawyers”

“Kaiser malpractice claims”

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“Kaiser malpractice”

 “Kaiser medical malpractice”

“California tree law”

“Tree lawyer California”

“Uninsured motorist injury attorney san francisco”

The new website is more visible in Google. It’s also better liked by potential clients. The redesign has brought new prospects to their door they could have only made online, as they have been told directly by clients. 

When people search for local legal services, the search process most often begins online. The first day the website was launched, a client told the managing partner he had chosen their firm because of their website. Their website has been credited many times with bringing new clients to their door who would have gone somewhere else.

I just spoke to a person who sent a contact form on the site. He was contacting me to look for a lawyer for an accident case. He said that he spent a lot of time looking online, and that Callaway & Wolf was listed on some “top ten” lists, and was highly rated. He also liked the site a lot. He also seemed to like that the site addressed MTBI. This was a very impressive demonstration of the results you’re getting, Melissa, and it’s much appreciated.”

Boone Callaway
Managing Partner, Callaway & Wolf