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For an entirely new luxury hotel, the client had a clear understanding of branding and results. They wanted content that ranked in Google and embodied a sophisticated residential living concept, which made it unique among high-end accommodations. The search engine optimized content had to weave words such as pied-à-terre, luxury apartment, private terrace, museum quality art collection to delineate the concept, plus include hotel-related keywords and geographical identifiers related to Manhattan.


Strong headings enhance SEO and user experience

This website is a prime example of optimizing for Local SEO, as people don’t tend to look for a hotel without a specific location in mind. A bar of soap is a bar of soap anywhere, but “Nashville hotel” is an entirely different search from “Los Angeles hotel.”


Evocative geo-targeted content that seamlessly weaves prime keywords

In this case, “New York hotel” is a broad category to geo-target, which needed to be more focused. Every opportunity was taken advantage of during the copywriting process to seamlessly weave well-researched long-tail keywords and evocative descriptions into the headings, body content, and meta data along the lines of “Midtown Manhattan hotel suite,” which would be a more specific and less competitive keyword in Google than a broader keyword along the lines of “New York hotel.”


Unique title tags ensure adherence to SEO best practices

Even though you don’t see the meta description on the actual website page, Google does. So does anyone who’s looking in Google search results. Google is also rather picky about the Title tag, which they expect to be unique to each page. If you have a Google Webmaster account, it’s one of the no-no’s Google will notify you to fix.


Meta descriptions written to entice will increase click-throughs from the search engine results pages

Google doesn’t love automated content. The meta content for this website, including the Title tag and Description tag, has been carefully written to both identify the page content and include strategic keywords that will keep Google happy, as well as enticing content for people that gets click-throughs from the Search Engine Results Page.


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