My marketing directive was to optimize all possible on-page and meta content, including title tag, description tag, keywords tag, video, alt tags, and all h1, h2, and h3 headers – with as little disruption to the existing content and layout as possible. The major design features of a rebranding campaign were already in place. In this case, it was a matter of writing within specific design parameters while making the most of every smart opportunity to optimize content for search.


Key messaging points were optimized to target clients seeking related terms in search engines

Major messaging points included quick processing of credit card payments and seamless integration with QuickBooks accounting software, which is automatically updated. Search engine optimized content was written about the most popular features of QuickBooks and emphasized client satisfaction, including the number of hours most QuickBooks clients say they save each month by using the software.


Making the most of every SEO opportunity with video and alt tags

Beyond the basic meta tags, there are a number of advanced opportunities for optimizing content. Videos and photos can be optimized for search on the website, as well as on a YouTube channel or social network.


Taking advantage of Semantic Content for FAQs

FAQs are what the semantic web is all about: Asking questions and getting answers like real people do, not as keywords. As Google moves away from isolated keywords and more toward the principles of the semantic web and the Knowledge Graph, answering key questions people are asking has never been more important.


Branded keyword optimization

While optimizing meta content for a brand name isn’t always typical, many companies can’t even rank for their own name. Often a company name includes a competitive term that makes it difficult to compete. Even for their own name. In this case, moving to the newly branded Intuit Payments product away from their more established QuickBooks brand made it necessary to factor in optimizing for a branded keyword.


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