After building a new website, first page keyword rankings were achieved for a wide range of personal injury and medical malpractice searches in Google.

Boutique San Francisco law firm Callaway & Wolf had three separate website properties when we began working together. As was typical in the good ole days of SEO, they had been advised to set up separate sites and then link to back and forth to their own sites. They were paying a considerable monthly hosting fee for their websites to Justia. They wanted to migrate their content off Justia and own their site. They had no significant rankings and the firm was unhappy with the quality of the website content. We brought all of the website content under their main domain,, to consolidate rankings. The mirror sites were redirected, and they were no longer in violation of Google policy. A new custom website was designed and built to the highest SEO specifications. The result: first-ever rankings for a wide range of keywords related to the firm’s area’s of practice.

Callaway & Wolf ranks on the first page of Google for all of these keywords: 

 “Bike accident lawyer”

 “Malpractice attorney”

“Medical attorney”

“Medical lawyers”

“Motorcycle accident lawyer san francisco”

“Uninsured motorist injury attorney”

“Personal injury medical malpractice”

 “Pharmacy malpractice lawyers”

“Kaiser malpractice claims”

“Great lawyers that sue kaiser permanente”

“Best malpractice lawyers in san francisco”

[Plus many more…]



SF-3-thumb-san-francisco-digital-online-marketingA focused strategy of eliminating negative factors and targeting prime keywords for one of San Francisco’s top law firms results in first page rankings.

My work with this San Francisco law firm began with an audit of their existing marketing and online reputation improvement efforts. The partners in the firm knew they needed to focus on their appearance in the search engines but weren’t sure what needed to be done. In this case, much of what had been done by an offshore company they had hired needed to be undone in order to be in compliance with Google’s content guidelines.

This project wasn’t just about creating good; it was about eliminating the bad content that drags down results. There were many instances of duplicate content, which was the result of the company cutting-and-pasting entire pages, paragraphs and links over and over again in true content farm fashion. [Read more to see the results of getting rid of the negative content Google dislikes and targeting prime keywords.]




Content strategy, SEO web development and optimized content writing deliver exponential traffic and growth to one of San Francisco’s most highly rated vintage Rolex dealers.

The owners of an acclaimed San Francisco-based vintage Rolex marketplace knew their website sorely needed updating. They lacked presence in the search engines when compared to other companies in their industry. There were also profound technical issues with having such an outdated site, which became even more pronounced for their users on mobile and tablet platforms.

Dedicated to bringing the site completely up-to-date, an aggressive course of action was decided on to enhance website rankings and user experience. With “keywords not provided” on Google Analytics, external ranking software was used to benchmark keywords and their rank changes tracked in Google Webmaster Tools.  [Read more, and see the results of their SEO campaign and brand spanking new website.]